Children's Prayer Revival

2012 - We Will Carry the Torch

Curriculum Cover

Service 1

Service 2

Service 3

2011 - The Prayer Voyage
Curriculum Cover
Service 1: Jesus hears my cry
Service 2
: I will listen and obey God’s voice
Service 3: My prayers help other people

2010 - Standing Tall
Curriculum Cover
Service 1: Drought
Service 2
: Heavy Rainfall
Service 3: Severe Weather

2009 - Standing Tall
Curriculum Cover
Service 1: Standing Tall in Holiness
Service 2
: Standing Tall in Worship
Service 3: Standing Tall in Prayer

2008 - Kids Power Up With Prayer
Curriculum Cover
Introductory Service:
Service 1: Jonah Repents
Service 2: Moses Intercedes for His Sister
Service 3: Paul and Silas Praise God

2007 - I Like My Bible
Curriculum Cover
Service 1: The Bible Is God's Word
Service 2: The Bible Will Last Forever
Service 3: God's Word Is Our Guide

2006 - I'm in the Lord's Army
Curriculum Cover
Service 1: Red Phase of Basic Prayer Training
Service 2: White Phase of Basic Prayer Training
Service 3: Blue Phase of Basic Prayer Training

2005 - Holy God, Holy Bible, and Holy Ghost
Curriculum Cover
Service 1: God Is Holy
Service 2: The Holy Bible
Service 3The Holy Ghost

2004 - Worship
Curriculum Cover
Introductory Service: 

Service 1: Why We Worship the Lord
Service 2: Who/What We Worship
Service 3: Wherever I Am I'll Praise Him

2003 - Prayer Warrior
Curriculum Cover
Service 1, 2, 3:
Gideon's Suprise Attack
Judah's Strange Weapons
Elisha's Blinding Battle Plan

2002 - Week of September 11
Curriculum Cover
Service 1: Heart Attack! Cardiac Praise Resuscitation
Service 2: IV Needed. Pray for Provision
Service 3: Calling 911. Pray for Protection

Children's Prayer Revival Curriculum


This bookcontains six three-service children's
church curricula. There are a total of eighteen
lessons on the following themes: "Cardiac Praise
Resuscitation," "Prayer Warriors," "Worship,"
"Holiness," "I'm in the Lord's Army," and "I
Like My Bible." $19.95

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