Teaching Sunday School should be fun, especially on Easter. These lesson plans and ideas will make your life easier so you can focus on what is really important. It's never to early to start preparing for your next Easter celebration. Make it one to remember!
Easter Children's Church Lessons
Includes lessons for Easter and Palm Sunday.
Several dramas that can be performed by and for children, including an Easter musical.
Sermon topics for Easter services.
Service Tips
Ten tips for building an effective Easter service.
No Absent T Sunday
Easter attendance drive.
Sample Letter
Seven Super Sundays Material.

Easter Tract: The Real Easter Story, This tract tells the story of Pentecost. It answers the questions of salvation. It presents the Acts 2:38 experience as the ultimate Easter message. Give every attendee a tract to celebrate Easter Sunday. UPC No. 12088, Regular Price: $15.00 (packs of 100)
Easter Tract (children): Greatest Story Ever Told, This tract tells the Easter story on a childs level and explains how the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus can be fulfilled in every life. Give every child a tract to celebrate Easter Sunday. UPC No. 12087,
Regular Prices: $15.00 (packs of 100)

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